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Untitled Project (2015): Psydub, ambient and hippy music collaboration with Pouya Hamidi.

Untitled Project 2 (2015): Live techno jamband with Vibe (Daniel) of Collectif Cycle Numérique

Objet Sonore Lecture (2013): A brief history of the rave: how electronic music has defied evolution

Indie-electronic jamband (2013): with Dylan Davies and Tony Wilson (as pictured)

Spekoki Motion (2013): with Dylan (left)

Untitled Electro-acoustic ambient-experimental jam band (2011-2013): with Pouya Hamidi, Michael Palumbo, Tony Wilson

Untitled collaboration with Modern Dancers for ROPE + THREAD = ISM (2012) – live performance, sound design, DJ – http://youtu.be/OMihfQb2V54

Supporting performer for Jen Wong at Mile Zero Dance (2009)DJ for modern dance performance



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ForageTECHNO mix for Smashley – dj forage 02016